The Belgian Polished Diamond Traders Association

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Diamond producers associations -DPA

The DPA (Diamond Producers Association) have recently launched their campaign in the USA ‘Real is rare, real is a diamond’.

Some of the interesting points raised during the workshop is that contrary to popular belief Millennials are very interested in diamonds only they have not been exposed to the kind of advertising around it that previous generations have. Also they are quite resistant to the ritual around diamond buying (ex; has to be bought for marriage, anniversary etc).

Part of the research on millennials shows that because of the digital age we are living in and the lack of real experiences and human connections, millennials are actually very drawn to something as unique as a diamond and to something genuine around the experience of buying their diamond.

- few interesting facts:

-Within 5 years Millennials will be at their top purchasing power

-Top purchases for Millennials involve travelling abroad, weekend getaways, electronics, diamonds

-Real is rare, rare is a diamond’ was launched in the USA mid-October with a set of videos targeted to the USA and intends to start a different dialogue around diamonds.  Not  necessarily diamonds are forever concept but more life and relationships have imperfections but having something real is equally important and worth celebrating.

-Still diamonds from marriage count for 35-40% of all diamond purchases

-Self purchase capacity has gone up from 26% to 31%

What  is really intresting  is the idea of how does ‘Real is rare’ connect to what we are doing, how does it play into what we propose as diamond companies.

The BVGD is welcoming rhe new Carat Tax law, that was approved by the European commission and the Belgian parlement.  The BVGD is proud to be the vehicle that introduced the concept of the carat tax to the AWDC. Thanks to a group of committed and motivated diamond traders, the implementation of the carat tax has come to a reality. This proves that the necessity of a discussion platform where members of a trade sector come together in order to find solutions to existing  problems is a productive endeavour. I take this opportunity to thank : Mr Jean-Louis Van Strydonck, Mr Sachin Choksi, Mr Philippe Barsamian, Mr Nishat Parikh, Mr Tom Panis and Mr Ari Epstein for making this happen.
BVGD  is proud   to  be  a  partner for  the
'  Antwerp Diamond Year '                       2017-2018.


Since our childhood, we wake and sleep diamonds.They follow us throughout the day, every minute of every day. It has become a part of who we are, and what we represent. We feel proud and privileged to be a part of this magical industry located in Antwerp, the Diamond capital of the world.

                          Diamonds, it's part of our DNA.


Antwerp Diamond Forum - ADF

ADF-Antwerp Diamond Forum

We encourage each and every diamond trader to join this proactive group on the Telegram app.

You will be updated on the minute with the latest news in the Antwerp, as well as the global diamond industry. Additionally, you will be able to share your thoughts and debate your ideas with the entire group.

If you want to join the group, please call Mr. Henri Keesje (0476 890305) or Mr. Abhay Nanavati, the administrator of the group.

Debate between the candidates , before the AWDC elections.
Organised by ADF  (may 2016)
The candidates are presenting themselves with their program .

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 Board of directors  2014-2015

Chairman :  Mr Henri Keesje

Vice-chairman :  Mr Andre Gumuchdjian

Secretary :  Mr David Horowitz

Treasury  : Mr Nehal Mehta

Advisor : Mr Robert Kiek

Advisor : Mr Philippe Barsamian

Advisor : Mr  Frank Fensie

Summer 2015  :  First publication of the  BVGD  newsletter.

Changes in the Board of Directors

Dear member,

At the last board meeting of the Board of Directors on March 13th 2014, Mr Andre Gumuchdjian has offered to step down from the presidency due to other engagements. The Board of Directors has elected unanimously Mr Henri Keesje as the new president.

European court rejects the appeal of the BVGD

After an eight year battle with the European commission, the EU General Court

has rejected our case for the establishment of an open, free and competitive market for diamonds.

We need to examine closely the Decision of the Court and the arguments that were invoked, most probably the “lack of community interest” has been the predominant factor.

While it is clear that the diamond industry does not affect as many consumers as, say, a Microsoft does, there are millions of people worldwide working in the diamond and jewellery industry. For us as well as for tens of millions of consumers, the impact of an open system would have been beneficial.

To be sure the market has changed tremendously in the last eight years. To a large extent, we feel we won more on the ground rather than in the courtrooms as many aspects of SoC have been proven to be detrimental to the market.

We will examine with our lawyers our further legal options.

We, at the BVGD, feel that many stakeholders have understood the validity of our arguments. Yet the core problems still remain. To be sure, the situation is changing slowly but surely. It is to be hoped that economic reality will force real change in the end, as distorted markets can never be efficient.

In the long run, economic forces will always prevail.

Andre Gumuchdjian

President of the Board of Directors

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Rapaport Price List Reduction : Our Reaction

The Belgium Polished Diamond Traders Association (BVGD) has always been at the forefront and is leading the struggle for a free, fair and transparent market.

The BVGD is very concerned by the latest reduction of the Rapaport diamond price list.

While we recognize that a correction in polished prices is taking place, the uniform decrease across the board from 10cts down to .30cts simply does not reflect the reality of the market.

At a time of extremely thin trading owing to a series of Jewish and Indian holidays coupled with the global economic turmoil it is very difficult to gauge the full impact of these price movements.

It is expected that the 3.00ct+ range will suffer the greatest correction as this is the area where the prices have risen the most. What is inconceivable is why the Rapaport Group considers it appropriate to reduce prices similarly in all ranges from 0.30 -10ct.

The 0.30 – 1.00ct range represents a range of polished where recent price rises were not even reflected on the Rapaport list and his decision to reduce the prices proportionately to the 3.00+ highlights once again his inability to correctly read the polished diamond market.

Acknowledging the need and usefulness of a price guide index for our industry, the BVGD appeals to other Polished Diamond Traders Associations to join it within the umbrella of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses to create a credible price index based on a clear and transparent methodology.

Andre Gumuchdjian

President of the Board of Directors of BVGD

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De Belgische Vereniging van Handelaars in Geslepen Diamant, vertegenwoordigt en behartigt de belangen van de Belgische handelaars, de in-en uitvoerders van geslepen diamant.

De BVGD is de enige beroepsvereniging, als dusdanig erkend door de Belgische overheid, om in naam van de handelaars in geslepen diamant te spreken. Onze statuten worden door de Raad van Staat gecontroleerd.

Wij vertegenwoordigen alle handelaars in geslepen diamant, onafgezien van het lidmaatschap. Uiteraard kunnen alleen daadwerkelijke leden deelnemen aan de Algemene Vergaderingen, stemrecht hebben en elk tweede jaar de Raad van Bestuur verkiezen.

Iedere diamanthandelaar die een Belgisch handelsregisternummer heeft, kan zijn aanvraag indienen voor het lidmaatschap. De Raad van Bestuur onderzoekt de aanvragen en is als enigste bevoegd om de status van daadwerkelijk lid toe te kennen.

De doelstellingen van de BVGD zijn de invloed aan te wenden op alle niveaus om de handel in geslepen diamant aan te wakkeren en te vergemakkelijken.

Wij streven er naar om alle hindernissen en tarieven uit te schakelen die de Handel kunnen belemmeren. Wij ondersteunen alle acties die voordelig kunnen zijn voor de Belgische handelaars in geslepen diamant. Wij laten ook alle verzoeken om handelscontacten aan onze leden toekomen.

- Het vergemakkelijken van de handel van geslepen diamant.

- Het verbeteren van de werkwijze van de Diamond Office.

- Het ontwikkelen, samen met de HRD, van nieuwe idee n om de certificaten te optimaliseren.

- Het voorstellen om op markt-effici nte manieren de diamant handel en nijverheid te helpen en/of te Samen met jullie actieve deelname hopen we in de toekomst succesvoller te zijn.